A group composed of 12 parishioners who advise the pastor.  Meetings take place the first Wednesday of every other month.


The council assists the pastor with parish finances.



This committee focuses on developing and organizing youth and family projects and activities that encourage both social and spiritual growth within the youth peer groups and/or their families.  Some examples would be things like the Advent projects, Family Movie Nights, Middle School Game Nights, in addition to service projects, etc.  Anyone with ideas or the desire to help out with these events is welcome!


This committee focuses on outreach activities both within our Parish Family and in the greater community.  Examples of some projects would be the St. Paul’s meals, Habitat for Humanity, various projects to help with the SSJ Neighborhood Network, as well as things closer to home such as the Fellowships after the Saturday evening Masses, the care packages sent to our College kids at finals time, the Christmas cards the children sent to shut-ins, etc.  The possibilities are endless and we welcome all to get involved!


This committee focuses on offering opportunities for parishioners to grow in their faith, both personally and in fellowship with one another.  Some examples are things like the Alpha program, the Lenten Suppers, Small Faith Sharing Groups, Retreats, along with promoting Stewardship of our time and talents as well as monetarily.  If this is something that you feel a call to become more involved in, we would love to have you join us!