Children and Youth Faith


Children ages K-3 are dismissed at the 10:0AM Mass during the Liturgy of the Word to hear and discuss the Sunday readings in language they can better understand.  Adults facilitate Children’s Liturgy of the Word.


childrensfaithThe Catholic Church has always maintained that parents are the primary teachers of the faith through instruction, practice and example.  The Church also recognizes its own responsibility to aid parents through the teaching role of the Church.  The two primary ways that the Church fulfills this role is through the provision of Catholic Schools and for religious education classes for students who attend secular schools.  Although Sacred Heart no longer has a Catholic School, there is a scholarship grant program to help defray the tuition costs to families who attend any of the Catholic Schools in the Erie area.  For students who do not attend a Catholic School there is a joint religious education program between St. Andrews and Sacred Heart parishes.

Currently for school year 2016-17 religious ed. classes for grades 1-8 are on Saturday mornings at St. Andrews from 9AM to 10:30 from September through May.  Grades 9-11 are on Sunday mornings at St. Andrews from 9:30AM to 10:45AM.

There is a registration fee for religious education to help defray the costs of books and supplies used during the year.  If fee is a hardship on the family, please contact the pastor; inability to pay should never exclude a child’s access to faith formation.


Chosen is specifically designed for students (and their families) in grades 5 and up. The aim is to give young people an open and friendly environment to share their feelings about their faith and Jesus Christ. They will be able to ask questions and share their insights with their peers.

Chosen meets once a month on Saturday from 6-8pm.  Announcements are always posted in advance in the bulletin.

Come and socialize, share scripture and snacks.  We can’t wait to meet you!