A Message From Our Pastor

Welcome to our website.  If you are surfing around checking out churches I invite you to look through our  site and visit us in person as well.  Sacred Heart parish, our community and country are in a state of flux, which is ultimately a good thing despite seeming to be volatile and vulnerable.  Starting February 13th Sacred Heart will be partnering with two neighboring parishes (St. Paul & St. Andrews) and sharing some resources and hopefully expanding on others via the support we provide for one another.  If you are new to the area, then now is a perfect time to join us to get in on the ground floor of transition, while  many people will be experiencing things in a new way at the same time (everyone will be newbies in this venture).

Of course these changes will not be all fun and games.  Change disrupts the fabric of history and tradition that we have woven into our personal security blankets.  So change naturally disorients us and causes us anxiety until our fears of the unknown pass and we become accustom to new things.  To help guide us through this time and to keep our heads on straight we have to continually ask and attempt to answer the question, “Why are we here as people of God and as a community?”  Not everything we currently do will be an obvious answer to that question, and in time we may discover things we can let go of as no longer relevant.  But if we don’t ask the question repeatedly and critically we may lose alignment with the mission of Jesus Christ which we believe goes hand in hand with the point and purpose of the Church.

As Jesus pointed out we cannot put new wine into old wine skins and thus the atrophied structure of tradition cannot contain the pressures of a shifting culture and the movement of the Holy Spirit.  However the fruit of those long held traditions may have much to offer is the way of refined wines of spirituality and is the very DNA of our being.  As wise stewards of the Church we need to blend the valued essence of the past with the innovation of the future; some things will have to drop away while the growth of new things is nurtured and inherent continuity holds us together between point A to point B.

Please join us on this adventure.




Rev. Mark O’Hern