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We Need Your Help…

Lisa Priestap, former president of our Pastoral Council, referred to the following questions in Mass regarding our parish community and how we may better grow in faith together:

  • How can we help all parishioners deepen their relationship with God?
  • How can we improve our Parish communications through our Web site, etc?
  • How can we support and encourage the youth of Sacred Heart in their Faith journeys and demonstrate how important they are to our parish?
  • How can we provide a welcoming atmosphere to families with young children?
  • How do we continue to ensure that everyone sees Sacred Heart as a great place to come together to worship, celebrate and pray with and for one another?
  • How can we develop community outreach partnerships in order to become the disciples God calls us to be?
  • What is our Parish Mission Statement (who are we, and why do we do the things we do)?

There are these questions, and more, to be asked and to be answered… and we really do need your help!

Please contact the parish office with your thoughts - 814-456-6256 or

Or feel free to contact any of the following in our parish family directly:

Fr. Mark

Michelle Harkins

Sara Comi

Lisa Priestap

Linda Allen

Mark Lamm

Rebecca Flynn

Brian Merryman

Ron Buettner

Sr. Ricarda Vincent

Cal Simpson

Andy Schmidt

Jane Mullinax

Jesse Hubert

Jack Hewitt

Sharon Bond

Mike Malthaner

Tom Hudson

Rose Colonna

Parish Photo Directory

The next picture taking week will be September 23-27th. If you need to schedule a sitting, please call 1-877-764-4535, ext. 208 or sign up online here.

Interested in becoming a Catholic?… Or know someone who is?

The RCIA process is for any adult who has never been baptized, or has been baptized in another Christian community and wishes to become a member of the Roman Catholic Church. It is also for those who have been baptized Catholic but have had no (or very little religious education) and have not celebrated Eucharist or Confirmation and desire to celebrate those Sacraments.

For further information, call either Fr. O’Hern or Rebecca Flynn at the rectory, 456-6256.

Parish Cleaning Teams

Several of our parish Cleaning Teams need new members. Each team consists of women, men and children who clean once every 9 weeks – a total of about 5 – 6 times a year. Teams usually clean either on Friday mornings or evenings, or on Saturday mornings. Presently we are in need especially for help on a Friday morning team.

Would you or your family be willing to help us keep our Church clean? This is a great opportunity for anyone who is in need of service hours.

Call Rebecca Flynn at the rectory, 456-6256 for more information.

Join The Church Choir

Anyone who has considered singing with the church choir is asked to join them at 9AM on Sunday, September 21st, 2014 in the Findley Room.

You don’t have to make a commitment at that time, but you will have the chance to meet a great group of people who serve the church in a very special way. There are no evening rehearsals and no pressure.

If you would like more information, please call Michael Malthaner at 838 – 3760. If you wish, bring a friend with you.

Thank you.

“Vocation Cross” Program

Our parish has begun the “Vocation Cross” program. This is an opportunity for families to pray daily for vocations to the religious life and priesthood in their homes.

Is your family interested in participating? If so, please call Rebecca Flynn at the rectory, 456-6256.

The Vocation Cross will be presented at the end of Mass. Along with the cross, suggested prayers will be given. After two weeks, the family who takes the cross home returns the cross to the Church and another family will have the opportunity to take the cross home. This program will be on-going.

Pre Baptismal Class

A Pre Baptismal Class for parents anticipating the birth or baptism of their child will be offered on Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 7PM in the Rectory. All parents are expected to attend this class before their child is baptized Sponsors may also attend. Please call Mary Ann at the parish office at 456 – 6256 to make your reservation.

Don’t Forget Your Gift Certificates!

Pick them up after Mass on the weekends, or stop by the Parish office during the week and purchase a few. The more you buy the more you help our Parish.

Click here for more information on our Gift Certificate Program!


If you are moving or changing your phone number or email address, please let the parish office know. You can do this by mailing a note, phoning, emailing or dropping a note in the collection basket. To our “snow birds” you too need to let us know when you are leaving and when you are returning so that we can hold your mailings. If you are going to a nursing home or assisted living center or are in the hospital, call so we can keep our records updated and we can visit. We depend on our parishioners to help keep our records current. Thank you for your help. Any questions, call Mary Ann at 456-6256.

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