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Upcoming Parish Dates in Lent

  • Lenten Soup & Bread Suppers: Monday night 3/23 at 6:15pm in the auditorium. Speaker at 7pm.
  • Stations of the Cross: Friday’s during Lent at 7pm


Lenten Program

The schedule for Monday, March 23rd

6:15PM— Soup and Bread Supper (Auditorium)

Seder Celebration
The Passover (Exodus 7-15) and its celebration are central to the history of Judaism and Christianity. The ritual of Passover allows each generation of Jews to relive their history through remembering how they were freed from slavery in Egypt. Jews and Christians share the Passover experience of a people enslaved and then redeemed by God’s saving action. As Christians we remember how Jesus saved us and won our freedom through his death on the cross and his resurrection. The Seder celebration helps us to ritualize the Passover event by remembering God’s saving power.We will begin at 6:15 with the Seder followed by our soup supper. Please make a reservation with Sister Ricarda (456-6256) if you plan on coming to the Seder.

Washing of Feet – Holy Thursday, April 2nd at 7pm Mass

Washing of FeetFoot Washing is a powerful symbol of our identity as a servant people. It calls for humility on the part of those who do it and those who allow it to be done. Possibly you have witnessed this action on Holy Thursday and wondered how you could be a part of it. This is an invitation that if you would like to have your feet washed on Holy Thursday to let us know. If you are interested, or have any questions, please call Rebecca Flynn at the rectory at 456-6256.
Knight Out!


Knights of Columbus Sacred Heart Council will sponsor their eleventh annual “Knight Out”, formerly Casino Night, on Saturday April 11th, 2015 from 6pm to 11pm in the Sacred Heart Auditorium.Tickets are $10 per person. Ticket price includes one admission for free food and drinks, $800 cash prize and drawings all night long.
This is the KofC major fund raiser so please join us for an evening of fun, games and friendship. Pick up your envelopes with tickets in the back of the church after mass today. Additional tickets will also be available at Sacred Heart Rectory by calling 456-6256.Operation Rice Bowl
Fourth Week of Lent – Jesus Foretells His Death and Subsequent Glorification
operationRiceBowlIn Sunday’s Gospel, Jesus reminds us that judgment, repentance, and dying to sin are necessary before we can truly know the joy of God’s mercy, forgiveness, and new life in Christ. Jesus put it this way: “ if you love your life, you must let it go… If you want to serve me, you must follow me and do what I do….”
As we continue our Operation Rice Bowl journey, let us remember in prayer that human beings are not only sacred, but also social. How we participate in our family and community, from our daily actions to our policy decisions, affects each and every person. May our fasting keep us mindful of the families and communities that are hungry. May our almsgiving assist CRS Mother and Child Health projects that provide basic health and nutrition services.

Annual Spring Cleaning of the Church

Cleaning TeamsSaturday, April 11th Cleaning Teams 1, 2, & 4, led by Linda Mish, Marilyn Sharp and Barb Selker will participate in a Spring Cleaning of the Church. We will need additional men and women to help with this annual cleaning. Please join us on April 11th at 8:30AM. Please bring a bucket and a cloth. With enough help, we will be able to finish before noon. If you have any questions, please call Rebecca Flynn at the rectory, 456-6256.**If you are a high school student, grant family or Confirmation candidate in need of service hours, this is an excellent opportunity!Don’t Forget Your Gift Certificates
Did you forget something? How about your Gift Certificates ! We have Tops and Giant Eagle gift cards. Pick them up after Mass on the weekends, or stop by the Parish office during the week and purchase a few. The more you buy the more you help our Parish.

Click here for more information on our Gift Certificate Program!Please…

If you are moving or changing your phone number or email address, please let the parish office know. You can do this by mailing a note, phoning, emailing or dropping a note in the collection basket. To our “snow birds” you too need to let us know when you are leaving and when you are returning so that we can hold your mailings. If you are going to a nursing home or assisted living center or are in the hospital, call so we can keep our records updated and we can visit. We depend on our parishioners to help keep our records current. Thank you for your help. Any questions, call Mary Ann at 456-6256.

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